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We will attend SURFEX exhibition in Poznan, Poland from Jun 4th to 7th, 2013

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Air Blasting Machine

Air blasting machine is the process of propelling a loose abrasive media with compressed air against a work surface. This process can be used for a wide range of applications including rust and scale removal, anchor pattern creation prior to bonding or coating, cosmetic finishing and coating or contaminant removal.
  • Q26 Series Air Blasting Room

    Q26 Series Air Blasting Room

    Air Blasting Room is ideal for the large-scale structures, widely used in blasting of hulls, stoves, boilers and wind power parts, etc. Large structures can move inside the Blast Room on work cars sli...

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  • Q02 Series Sand Blasting Pot

    Q02 Series Sand Blasting Pot

    Adopt the concentrated shot valve technology introduced from Japan Thick Subway Industry Co., Ltd.

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