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We will attend SURFEX exhibition in Poznan, Poland from Jun 4th to 7th, 2013

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Ruvii provide training services after the sand blasting machine installation18/11/2013

Ruvii provide training services after the sand blasting machine installation.

What’s the precautions when operating Sand blasting machine?

Sand blasting machine is used in casting, forging parts and other sticky sand and oxide removal, etc.Using of high-speed rotation of the wheel impeller to through the sand and balls out to hit the cast parts surface, the suface can be disposed to the demand.

1.The operators of sand blasting machine should be strictly enforced training before work, familiar with the machine performance and features.

2. Familiar with the blasting machine operating procedures, as using, repair and maintenance.

3. The operator must check all kinds of sand blasting machine control cabinet switchs are in the desired position and then start the machine, in order to avoid misuse and causing equipment accidents, damaging electrical and mechanical equipment.

4.Non-operators are forbidden to operate or touch electrical switches control area,to get close to the sand blasting machine working area.

5. The operator must wear protective clothing and glasses.

6.The operator must pay particular attention to the various instructions on the panel.Afer all the instrument instruction on the normal value, he can operate into the work program.If it was found to have greater errors of the instrument instruction,it shoud be immediate shutdown.

7.When the sand blasting machine working, the opeartor should go around and check if there was abnormal sound or excessive heating phenomenon on the machine.If any breakdown be found, the operator should press Emergency Stop button to stop working, waiting for professionals to check the troubleshoot.

8.The operator must carry out routine maintenance and weekly maintenance, including lubrication.Weekly clean up the dust and debris inside the dust collector to make sure good dust collection effect.

9. Immediately shut off the power switch of shot blasting machine after working to avoid it still working and clean the working area.