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We will attend SURFEX exhibition in Poznan, Poland from Jun 4th to 7th, 2013

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Ruvii provided Alumi...

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Ruvii provided Aluminum blasting machine for Polish customer.18/11/2013

Ruvii provided Aluminum blasting machine for Polish customer.

Sandblasting uses high-speed jet of compressed air as power, jets spray materias, such as copper sand, quartz sand, iron sand, sea sand, silicon carbide, etc., with high-speed to the workpiece surface to be treated.It makes the workpiece surface getting certain cleanliness and diffient roughness, the mechanical properties be improved, the fatigue resistance of the workpiece be increased, the coating durability be extended.This is propitious to the coating material’s leveling and decorating.

The workpiece before being sprayed, plated protective layer (anti-corrosion paint or other materials), its surface should be carefully treated, which called pre-plating processes or pretreatment.

The effect of pre-treatment quality will affect the adhesion, surface look, moisture resistance and corrosion preventive of the coating.

The best film will adhere to the workpiece surface which have been treated carefully.If the pre-process had not been well done, the rust will continue to spread under the film and make the film shedding to pieces. The film’s life on the good treated surface can be 4-5 times than that treated by abrasive paper or brushes.

There are many methods to clean the surface, but most acceptance ways are: a.Solvent cleaning b.Acid pickling c.By hand tools d.By power tools. The sandblasting is the most thorough, common, prompt and high-efficiency way compared with other methods.

The sandblasting treatment can chose different roughness which other technics can not. The Hand sand way is inefficient and Chemical solvent cleaning makes the surface too smooth that the paint-coat can not adhere very well to the surface.